Thursday, March 11, 2010

Makin' stuff for other people.

I know I missed this week's "My Stuff Monday", but I had just come home from an exhausting funeral weekend, and still needed some time to process some things. So I'll catch up next week, but for now I have some fun new projects I have been working on! I mentioned in a previous post I had been working on some surprise projects for other people. Well, they have been sent and recieved, so now I can share them with you!

I have a friend who owns and operates the most awesome bakery west of the Mississippi. Hell, I think anywhere East of the Mississippi would be hard pressed to have something this awesome. She makes caffinated baked goods. Like brownies with more buzz than two Red Bulls. Click the link for more details. (Pssst! She also ships awesomeness to you!) In the bakery is a chalkboard where the daily selections are written up, and when I visited her last, they had their take on the phenomenon "All your base are belong to us" written there (Google it), so I whipped up a little cross-stitch with their version:

I put it in a box and sent it to her without permission or knowledge. Needless to say, she was excited, and I hear my little cross stitch is hanging up in the bakery. Yay! She then contacted me and wanted my Better Off Dead embroidery to join it. Double yay!I also recently participated in an embroidery swap with members of the Phat Quarter pool on Flickr. These guys are the most amazing bunch of contemporary cross stitchers and embroiderers on the face of the planet. You won't find too many unicorn or bunny cross stitches, unless said animals are accompanied by some snarky (and usually not kid friendly) phrase. The theme for the swap was cartoon/comics, and since I don't really read comics, I started racking my brain for something awesome from my favorite cartoons I could translate to embroidery. Once I thought of Brak, I knew I had to do it. I'm not going to go into the details of who Brak is (that's what Google is for), but he was the best character on the amazing show "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast". This was my first try at tinting the fabric, and guess what I used? Crayon! I love the way it turned out and cried when I finished him because I knew I couldn't keep him: Then he even had his own spin-off show, where I found a hilarious quote (not that those are hard to find):

I was so nervous my partner wouldn't know who Brak was, or worse, would know who he was, but didn't love him like I do. Luckily he loves Brak! Win!

With this swap, we recieved a piece from a different person we sent to. I was lucky enough to recieve a piece from an amazingly talanted stitcher whose CB handle is Beefranck. She has an incredible talant to take antique fonts and borders, then add something so awesome it basically forces you to pee your pants. Remember what I said about unicorns and bunnies? Look what she made for me:It's from "Sam and Max: Freelance Police" and it's mine, ALL MINE! Mwaaahaaahaaa!

I also made a crayon/embroidery project to sell in my Etsy shop. I came up with the idea one night while I was lying in bed, not sleeping as usual. I envisioned this, and actually had to get up and sketch it out before I forgot. As with most ideas that come to me in the middle of the night (or while inebriated), I assume it's not going to be as sweet after a few hours of head-clearing sleep. This one still made me giggle, so I got to work. In case you don't know what it is, and you've been living under a rock for like 15 years, it's from Pulp Fiction. Uma Thurman admits she had been part of a TV pilot for a show called "Fox Force Five" (fox as in we're a bunch of foxes, force as in we're a force to be reckoned with, and five as in there's one, two, three, four, five of us), and in each episode her character was to tell one bad (as in REALLY bad) joke. This one went something like, "Three tomatoes were walking down the street: papa tomato, mama tomato and baby tomato. The baby tomato starts lagging behind, so papa tomato squishes baby tomato and says, 'Ketchup.'" Awesome, huh? So I sketched out this adorable little cartoon, colored it with my daughter's crayons again and did some stitching. Voila! If you just gotta have it, it will be up in my shop soon, I promise.

I also stitched out part two of my mean ol' coaster set:

You'll remeber the first one:Haven't quite figured out what the other two will say, but I'm sure they'll be spectacular.

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  1. BRAK!!!!!!!!!! AAAHHHH! love that guy! when space ghost put out a cd years ago, my sister bought it, and i took it just so i could tape all of braks songs, and only braks songs.

    a whole cassette tape dedicated to brak. it was great. i wonder what i did with it.